Measured Response, by Research Wonks

Measured Response, by Research Wonks, Episode 2, with guests from Nielsen and Analytic Partners

Episode Summary

"The Half That's Not Wasted" This month, hosts Rick Bruner and Stefan Tornquist interview the Chief Research Officer of Nielsen Company, Mainak Mazumdar, and founder and CEO of the prominent marketing ROI company Analytic Partners, Nancy Smith. In a wide-ranging conversation, setting the broader agenda for this podcast series, we talk about the number of trends roiling advertising & media measurement presently, including the emerging third generation of ad-tech, the sunset of cookies, the evolution of multitouch attribution (MTA) and market mix models (MMM), privacy and the future of addressability and deterministic measurement, the growing demand for better data quality, and more. This episode is sponsored by Standard Media Index (SMI), "The trusted source for ad spend and pricing intelligence." SMI's president, Ben Tatta, joins the conversation for a cameo question for our guests about the likelihood of a future where the default effective CPM pricing of different media channels better reflects their contribution to ROI. And stick around to the end for Rick getting choked up talking about how much he loves advertising! Key links we reference in the episode include these: Analytic Partners anniversary whitepaper: "20 Insights for 20 Years":​ TED Talk, "How Bad Data Keeps Us From Good AI," by Mainak Mazumdar, Chief Data Officer, Nielsen Company​ Research Wonks, where you can join the conversation all the time in our industry form for media and advertising measurement, research and data analytics professionals. The video version of this episode can be found here: